Thursday, August 16, 2007

Loquacious Lucy

Lucy has been talking up a storm. She loves to talk and sing, and sometimes she says things in anger that are best left untranslated. She has quite a few phrases and makes her needs know very well. Her favorite word right now is "GO!" said with a frown on her face and in a very stern voice. It is usually hard to keep a straight face around her even when she is being naughty. Her yes starts out with a full circle of her head that turns into a nod. She says a very clear "I love you" that she saves for the cat and dog and her daddy (usually right after I have changed a horrendous diaper).

And so it starts. I have been told they only get more vocal from here on out. :-)

I am here

It has been a crazy two weeks. Sam's arm did have to be pinned. He fractured his elbow into FOUR pieces, and the doctor operated on his arm exactly two weeks ago today. Panicking at her baby being hurt, my mom flew out the Saturday after that. We had her here until this past Tuesday. It was really heart wrenching to see her go. Sam's pins get removed in a couple of weeks. The doctor said that his elbow is healing really well and there should be no problem with the joint as he is growing up. Ben and I were REALLY relieved to hear that.

Other than that, there has been no more excitement. I can live with no excitement. No excitement is good. We postponed the beginning of our school year until after my mom's visit. If I can get everything ready, we should be starting up next week. Sam was happy to hear that.

Oh, wait. I lied. We did have a little excitement this past Monday. Sam lost his front, top left tooth. The tooth fairy was way more generous than she should have been for a third lost tooth.

Meanwhile, Lucy has figured out that she can make very many facial expressions. She is so funny about it.

She has also discovered the joys of shopping from home. It doesn't matter how you are dressed (or not dressed as the case may be).