Friday, December 23, 2005

2005 Recap

I cannot believe that another Christmas is upon us. This past year has gone so quickly, it now seems, when only a few months ago things were not moving fast enough for me. :-)

This January started with my baby turning 3. It seems like I have been his mommy forever, and then 3 years is not that long a span at all.

February saw my DH's older brother married to a wonderful lady.

March was pretty uneventful, which is always good for us. lol

April added another year to me.

Our little David turned 1 this May! Yeah!

June had us almost moved into an apartment until cruel honesty made us accept that we couldn't afford even the lowest rent in not the best parts of town in CA. This led to us seriously thinking about moving out of state. Hmm.

July was my sister's birthday.

August. Ah, August saw us making a 2000 mile trip in 2.5 days to see the South. We liked what we saw, checked out houses, found one that was doable and decided to move.

In September we were busily getting rid of things that we did not need or did not even remember we had. It was on Labor Day weekend that we also found out that we were expecting our 3rd one. Rather appropriate. ;-)

October left us wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. We closed on our house mid-month. Our first moving truck reservation got cancelled by the company (ever so nicely) and it was a mad scramble to find one. It took us a week. Only to find out that not all of our belongings could come with us. Fun.

We finally made it to AL the first week of November. It was a little bit crazy trying to set up a household after not having one of our own for a year and a half. It has been ENTIRELY worth it.

Finally, December finds us close to another year's celebration of our Savior's birth. We have been in our new home for nearly two months, and we are so incredibly glad for the choice that we have made. The boys love it here. David has grown and is becoming a full fledged little boy who talks and runs and loves and fights. Sam is getting so much older and aware of what is expected of him. My boys are a joy and such a blessing to have around.

A very merry and blessed Christmas and New Year to all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Better Than Roses

I am forever thankful for the two sons that I have been given, and some events sometimes just help reinforce some more. We were sitting outside watching Daddy take apart a desk to throw in the trash can when Sam came up with his fire truck. This truck is about three feet long and the body of it is hollow for storing hotwheels. He came up to me and said, "Mommy, I picked flowers for you. Do you want to see them?" Do I want to see them?! But of course! He opens up the little back end, and I could see that the little truck was full of leaves. lol Then Sam says, "Mommy, aren't they just so pretty." Well, that is the best bouquet I have ever received.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Catch Up

Life has been more than just a little hectic and crazy around here lately. But, since that is the norm, we wouldn't know how to function any other way. We have decided that we are going to move our family to Alabama. The four of us just absolutely loved it out there, and we all wish we could be there now! Every day, Sam wakes up and asks me if today we are going to James' and John's. He will probably burst a blood vessel in his excitement when the day comes that I finally answer "Yes." LOL

As we were leaving the store today, there were 3 children playing on the bars that corral the carts. Sam says to them, "Hey, I want to tell you something. " Of course the little darlings scattered off. Sam then turns to me and says, "I just wanted to tell them that they are going to get hurt that way!" What a sweet boy! They truly were going to get hurt that way, but the parents were nowhere in sight.

Dave is walking and running and talking Davish. He is sweet and funny and just adores his older brother. Overall, things have been going very well. We are just awaiting (impatiently) the next step in our move.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Mad Turtle Escapades

Now, are the turtle or the escapades mad? Well, because our turtles are mad, their escapades are invariably mad. We decided it was time to start with fresh water in their tank. In the time it took for us to finish putting in clean water and getting them back in, one of our adventurers disappeared. After the ordeal we went through to get these beasts, I really was not happy at the prospect of having an only turtle. We had to finally give up our search at dinnertime. As we were sitting at the table, lo and behold there was a scratching, clunking sound coming from the living room. Sure enough, there was the wanderer. Now he and his pal are happily reunited.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy Birthday, David!!

David turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. He had so much fun at his party!! He also took his first steps then, but has refused to try again since then. He is also talking so very much. His list of words is: agua, mama, papa, dog, woof-woof, nowww (what a cat says), NO, straw, gramma. There are more that are not coming to mind right now. It is so crazy to remember when I was 25 months pregnant and feeling like he was never going to be born. That little guy is such a joy. He will come up to me and give me a great big hug. He will come over and share whatever he is eating or drinking. He absolutley loves his big brother!!

That same Sunday, we had David baptized. He was so good during the entire process. He checked out our pastor's mike and tried to eat it. He was calm for the pouring of the water over his head, and he was just thrilled beyond belief to be held up for all to see. My baby is growing up!!


Dyan had posted this interview in her site a long time ago. Finally, I am getting to it.

1) What have you learned in raising the boys so far that you didn't expect?
1. The human body does not need as much sleep as the textbooks say.
2. God has an awesome sense of humor.

2) What would be your ideal weekend vacation? (Think four-day, here.)
This took much thought. Ideal right now just means relaxed. It could be anywhere as long as it was just Ben and the boys and me.

3) What is your happiest childhood memory?
I think it was soon after Donna left the hospital. I would be so excited to come home and help feed the baby.

4) What US destination would you most like to visit and why?
I am torn between Alaska and Hawaii. Both are so beautiful (from what I can tell from pictures). But I would really like to see most of the U.S.

5) Why are you drawn to homeschooling for the boys?
I would like to homeschool them just for the quality education they can get. OK. That sounds like I am full of myself, but I think I could do a better job than the schools available. Also, I would not like to have them indoctrinated with other people's beliefs.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baby Computer Time

David is getting ready to use the computer. NOT!! Posted by Hello

Sam loves getting his picture taken. Posted by Hello


David, thoroughly happy after having had spaghetti for the first time. Posted by Hello

Some new favorite pictures. Posted by Hello

Happy Children

The boys have been so happy lately! They have been chattering together in the car. Today, when we were coming home from an errand, they were giggling the entire way home. Just warms my heart. Sam will share what he is eating, drinking, or playing with with David. As a result, David has now started trying to feed everybody. LOL To the point of taking a bite out of his mouth! It is really very funny but sweet.

In Today's Report...

I could say things have been rather crazy around here, but with two children in the house that's a given. ;-) We have gotten new pets and lost some of those new pets. :-( We added a cichlid to our tank who is an absolute killer. He has not allowed any other fish in the tank with him. We added another cichlid in there with him, but he is still being just as mean. We (or I should say my mother) promised Sam a turtle. I finally managed to find a baby turtle (an ordeal I would rather never have to repeat) only to have it die 36 hours after we got it. So, I took Bob back (Sam decided since Jessie had Larry turtle we would have a Bob turtle) and got my money back. Well, we now have not 1 but 2 baby Red-eared sliders named Boris and Natasha. I didn't even have to go to the back to ask for Juan or Miguel this time!! LOL

It is our belief Sam will be a musician. He LOVES music and he loves to sing! Maybe he will be the yodeling veterinarian since he also really likes animals. LOL He is doing so well with his numbers and letters! He is now looking at things and being able to tell me how many are there. This makes some things easier.

David is getting so quick! He is also trying to stand by pulling himself up on what might seem sturdy enough (his choices aren't always the best-LOL). We went to my cousin's birthday last week. I was holding Baby Erik and David at the same time on my lap. David did not think this was okay and started pushing Erik away. This is funny because he will let Sam share my lap or be around us. The jealous bug bit him, I guess.

I am off to explore and experiment with my two guides in life.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Baby Bugs

Ever since Sam was born, he was either my baby bug or my Sam-bug. That has stuck, so I now have a Sam-bug and a Dayed-bug. Both bugs woke up in such a good mood today. They were giggling and playful, and we read some books we checked out yesterday. They are now bathed and fed and the little one is down for a nap.

We made it to storytime yesterday, but Sam had a complete meltdown afterwards when I wouldn't let him play in the library. A lot of the other mothers allow their children to run wild. I am trying to impress upon the boys that the library is a quiet place were we go to read books. It is NOT a jungle gym. We went to see Daddy, and he gave Sam a bag of Skittles before we left. We then discovered that David loves Skittles. How did we discover this? Sam kept throwing them into David's seat. Why was he throwing them? Because he couldn't reach David's outstretched hand, so the logical solution is to throw them. LOL It was rather cute once I stopped freaking out. Sam helped clean up the monsters yesterday. He would take one of those Swiffer handles and slide it across the floor and inform me that the monsters were gone. LOL He is ever so excited about learning his letters and numbers. He is doing very well with that. We are currently turtlesitting for his cousin. He let me know the other day that he thought we should get a turtle of our own. Hmm. Not quite yet. We can start our zoo when we are living in our own place. :-p He is quite a help with our fish. He is feeding them (under our supervision, of course), and making sure they are all there (one of our crabs made an escape attempt that ended fatally for him).

David is getting quicker about throwing things away from him when he sees one of us coming to investigate the object going into his mouth. Yes, usually it is things we would rather didn't go into his mouth. He then tries to crawl quickly to said object to do it again! LOL He is such a funny guy. He is chasing all over the house after his brother. He helps me cook by making sure that I am putting in everything correctly (he insists on being held when I am the only parent in the house).

Over all, we are having a great time with the boys. They are such a joy. There is always something new and definitely interesting every day! I am off to see what new things they will teach me today.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello, again!

The in-laws are in AZ for a week. This is great because it means alone time for our family. We are looking forward to spending this time alone with each other and our sons. Since we put the boys down, Ben and I have started a deep clean on the house. We are enjoying it! David and I have been attending a little church near home. It is a small, family-oriented church. The pastor's sermons thus far have been great. There is so much going on right now, but it seems that every time that I sit down to the computer I forget what I was going to put down.

Sam is doing very well. We went down to visit my parents this weekend and he got to spend an extra couple of days with them. He really enjoys his time down there with him, but I do miss him like crazy.

David is exploring and testing his navigational abilities. He is everywhere! He and Sam play so well together! Well most of the time. As long as David doesn't take a particular toy that Sam is playing with at the moment. Other than that, they get along great.

I owe many thanks to my sister. I ditched the boys with my folks last weekend and stole her. She helped my pick up and organize my room! We did a great job.

As soon as I can remember my thoughts (basically after I log off) I will come back to post them.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Busy, Busy

The past few days have been so busy!! My MIL and I put together her older son's wedding favors. I don't ever want to smell Hershey Kisses again or hear any bells! LOL They are done, and this was even accomplished the night before they have to leave! LOL

There has been so much going on with the boys and us lately. We are, like I said, keeping busy. This past weekend the boys and I made it down to my parent's. I was able to finally catch up on my laundry. YEAH!! We went to my see my cousin's new house, and as a result were there for the blessing. The house is so beautiful! I am so very happy for them.

Sam and I have been working on the alphabet. We are now working on the letter E. He is doing so well with them! He strives to learn them even more with the lure of a pez (his treat for getting them right). LOL He is doing great with his numbers as well. It's his colors we are having trouble with at the moment. All of them look green to him. Hmm. He has another cold. This is just driving me nuts. My rant: his cousin gave it to him. When I asked my SIL if her daughter was sick, she said "yeah, but since your kids have gotten my kid sick so many times, I figured I could return the favor." Okay. Talk about getting my blood boiling. I know my memory is not completely gone, and if it serves me correctly, every last time they have come over and her child has an "allergy" my boys end up with the exact same "allergy." Funny. I didn't think allergies were contagious. I know kids get sick. But I don't expect sick people to intentionally come over to get mine sick!

We took both boys to see the Incredibles yesterday. Both boys behaved so well!! Ben and I were impressed and grateful. Now this makes it sound like we can't peep out the door without the boys being monsters, but that is not the case. They are usually pretty well behaved; but yesterday, they were extraordinarily well-behaved. Today we took them to a feline rescue and breeding place that's a little ways from here. Both boys enjoyed it, but Sam wanted to see more of the tiger. It always creeps me out how these big cats focus on the little ones. Makes me very grateful for the cage between them and us. LOL We were able to get out and do this stuff with the boys because Ben had an extra day off this week. That was a bonus; but like the saying goes, everything comes with a price. He is going to have to work his next set of days off. :-( It will be another couple of weeks before we see him. *sigh*

David is dancing! Well, after tonight he might not be any more. He apparently has his mother's rhythm. He stood up on his little musical toy we got him for Christmas and started grooving. He misstepped and over he went! LOL He was not a happy little man. I know it's mean of me to laugh. ;-) The kid just loves his veggies! Thus far we have been lucky with the feedings. We have stayed away from the rice, and he is doing much better. I was afraid he would want to quit nursing if we started him on foods, but he is still very happy coming to momma for his nursings. :-) It all ends too soon.

The boys are still getting up at an (to me anyway) ungodly hour. Hopefully, tomorrow we are off to storytime at the library closest to us. Good night to all and a have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


I gave myself a manicure last night! Woohoo! I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, and finally accomplished it last night. I believe the last time I did my nails was last July. Sad. But anyway, my nails are a nice hot pink with a light glitter over it. The first time I wore this color, I was told to grow up by my MIL. I will probably be the only granny on the playground with hot pink nails. LOL

We made it to story time, but I rather wish we had skipped it today. The librarian was not suited to be reading to a group of children. When we are going to something like this, it takes Sam a while to warm up to the group. So he didn't want to sit with the other children when we first got there. She was on her second book by the time he decided he was ready to join them. I was sitting at the end of the row, and he quietly went around to sit on the mat. She immediately stopped reading and declared "I don't have a cohesive group here, so I need you all to pay attention to me! All eyes on me now!" I should have probably left at that point but I didn't. She skipped over Sam every time for the children's participation and that just broke his heart. We went and got some books for the week and left. What a disaster!

I had Jessica (my SIl's daughter) with us, so I experienced having three children. Granted, as she is nine, that was cheating a bit. LOL Sam had fun being out with Jessie, so that made up for the psycho at the library.

Now it's off to preparing dinner and visiting some more with our family.

Children's Logic

Like I have said before, children never fail to amaze and amuse me. We had to go to Sam's Club today. When we parked, Sam got so excited and said "Oh, look. We are at my name Club!" That was too funny and precious! A couple of days ago, he went to Grandma M and asked her to please open a bag of chips for him. She asked him if I had okayed this to which he said yes. Not fully believing him, she sent him to verify with me. He comes up to me and says "I ask if I can open this and you say yes." Straight and to the point. LOL It just made perfect sense to him.

Both boys have been rather good these past couple of days. Makes things so much easier! LOL David is still trying his limits (i.e. pushing his boundaries). He doesn't want to believe "No" is NO.

We have a full day planned for tomorrow. The library for storytime, maybe the mall, and I believe the boys' cousin is visiting. So, if I am going to keep up with them, off to bed I go.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Going Home

Ever since Sunday Sam has been adamant that he wants to go home. I asked what home and he said "Mommy's home." *sigh* What I wouldn't give to be able to "go home." It is coming up on nine months (eight months and eight days, but who's counting?) since we moved in with Grandma & Grandpa M. We appreciate all they have done for us, but I believe it has been hard ALL around. So now everytime we have gone out, Sam wants to know if we are going to look for a new house. Soon, baby, soon.

It always amazes me how quickly kids develop. Sam's vocabulary has expanded so much! He is talking so very much. There are some things that leave us rather puzzles sometimes though. The funniest was when he wanted to wear his "Stupidman" pajamas. Your what? Finally, it got through he meant his Spiderman pj's. ROFL When he was born, I couldn't imagine loving this child any more than I did at that moment. Boy, was I wrong.

David is just as hilarious as his brother minus the speaking. He makes the funniest expressions, especially at feeding time. He will scrunch up his little nose and start breathing fast when I am not shoveling fast enough. It is too cute. He has started pulling himself up to stand now. Aaackk! Before I know it, he will be walking and running!! He is looking forward to this, as he would like to be chasing his brother.

Well, I have somehow managed to get both boys down and out before midnight. LOL (David is the problem. Sam goes out easy for me.) I will take advantage and go to bed "early" myself. 'Night.

Friday, January 28, 2005


This past week has been so incredibly busy! Ben's last set of days off we did replace the two wheels I managed to kill on our car. Today, we took it in to the dealership (since we bought an extended warranty on it) because there has been a "clunk" by the front right tire since we bought it. We had taken it twice to the dealership where we bought it, but they "never" found anything. Finally, we took it to the one nearest to home. Ta-da! Somebody looked, paid attention to what I was saying, and then FIXED it!

We actually made it to storytime last week. Both boys were very well behaved the entire time. Sam actually decided to participate for one of the stories! He was the horse! We checked out some books, which Sam has absolutely loved. On Friday, I ended up with a nut so fun case of mastitis. With GSE, garlic, and zinc, it was under control in a couple of days. Not fun. Anyway, this week we missed storytime because even though Ben woke me up, I was not woken up to take him in. However, I got amazing news today. Ben's boss is letting him use one of the trucks as his commuter vehicle! Hurrah! That means the boys and I have a car and can get out and do stuff.

A few days ago, I woke up to the most precious moment ever. Sam woke up and smiled and gave me his "Good morning, Momma." I had already felt David stirring at my back and knew that he was awake. As soon as he heard Sam speak, he squealed and popped his head over my shoulder to smile and jabber at his brother. Those moments reinforce my decision to stay at home to raise our children.

Well, if the boys and I are going to get out to do something tomorrow, off to bed I go.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Life's Blessings

I was blog-reading tonight, and it hit me what a blessing I have in my family. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and our boys. I have two wonderful boys that have been given to us when we least knew that we needed them. I am thankful and humbled that God has entrusted me with such a precious gift.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Let Them Eat Cake!

Sam got cake on his face right after blowing out his candle. Posted by Hello

Both of my darling, precious boys. Posted by Hello


After his haircut. It looks a little weird because we discovered it doesn't lie very well after the haircut. I still think my baby is cute. :-) Posted by Hello


David is getting his very first haircut by my cousin Samira. Posted by Hello

On Birthday Parties, Crawling, Etc.

I have wanted to bloc about Sam's birthday party ever since it was over. I have not had the chance this past week and a half to do so thanks to my two little ones. David does not want to be held, touched, or looked at by anyone other than me. This poses a problem when Sam decides that David's idea is good and follows suit. *sigh* It seems to be passing, which is a good thing since not much has been accomplished during this time.

Sam's birthday party was a blast! We got a cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine that were a big hit. Sam had so much fun running around with all the cousins and having his fair share of all the sweets. For the first time, it was raining here in southern CA for his birthday. Usually the weather is pretty mild and the days are sunny. This time it poured buckets! This is also the first year that we weren't rushing to and from AZ to celebrate with our families. Even the year he was born, we only made it back to AZ ten hours before his birth! I thank the good Lord we made it home in time. lol

David turned 8 months last week. The day after that he got up on his knees and started crawling like mad. No more little soldier crawl. He is also pulling himself up on things and standing up! He is getting more mobile quickly! He has about 6 teeth that I can count trying to come through. Which explains why he has been so incredibly miserable. I will give many thanks once all his teeth are through. He is now clapping when we say "yeah" to him. He is also giving kisses whenever he gets scolded for something. *groan* He also talks back, and it is a good thing it's unintelligible or I'm sure it would be unprintable! LOL He has recognized his name for a while now. I get so excited to see all these different developments and growths in my children. I remember when Sam started recognizing his name I was so excited I rather drove my friends nuts gushing about it. Our neighbors had 2 kids, so I am sure they understood my excitement (especially since they had seen Sam growing since birth and we were lucky to have them share those moments with us!), and the other friend is soon to be married and will have his own children someday! David has also gotten his very first haircut! When we can get a comb near his head, it looks really nice and grown up.

Fiona is growing and integrating herself into the family. She and Sam are such buds. I am glad we made the decision to get this dog. We still have to go through all the puppy stuff, but once that is over she will be a great dog! She now has a new turquoise rhinestone collar. Very girly!

My three men are asleep. I had better get to bed soon if I plan on sleeping any before they wake up. Good night to all.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Wow, my little guy is now three! It seems like I have had him for forever and like I just had him yesterday. He has changed my life in so many countless ways. He is such a joy and blessing in our lives. I love the way he will come up to me and put his arms around me and tell me he loves me. Or when he goes up to his brother and gives him a hug just because he's there. I love the way he lights up when Daddy gets home from a long day at work.

Everything is ready for his party tomorrow. This is the first year that we will have winter weather for his party. :-) Typical to southern CA weather, it has always been mild and sunny. This weekend we have a few storms headed in.

Happy Birthday, my Sam! I love you so very much.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


The boys were enjoying a bath together. I was finally able to take a good picture of bath time. Posted by Hello

Ringing in the New Year

We were awaiting the new year. This is my sister, Donna, holding her nephews. Posted by Hello


The boys and I have spent the entire day sleeping. We caught a stomach bug yesterday that left us feeling so miserable. The highlight of the day was when David started waving hi to us. He is so incredibly cute. When I had him do this for his grandparents, he had his thumb in his mouth, but he waved at them that way too. :-) We have most of what we'll need for Sam's party this weekend. I have a couple of more things to buy, which I will hopefully finish tomorrow. Soon, I will have more pictures to share.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!

We start another year. We spent last night at my parents' place to celebrate the beginning of this year. We all managed to stay up except for Ben. (Even the baby made it! :-) ) I spent today calling our family to invite them to Sam's birth next weekend. We weren't sure what we wanted to do, but have finally decided on having a get-together at my mom's. Should be fun.

Sam decided to stay another day with my folks, so we won't be seeing him until tomorrow. He was ever so excited because he got a ring from my parents. Ben grew up not wearing jewelry, so it bothers him. I grew up seeing my dad and uncles all wearing jewelry, so it doesn't faze me. (I am not talking about earrings or piercings, which I am NOT okay with and none of them did until the new generation of cousins. Yuk.) Sam has a necklace that is always tucked into his shirt and a bracelet that my mom had made for him on his first birthday. Sam has been wanting a ring for the longest time. I don't know why, but he just did. Well, these past days that he was with the gp's he got one. I thought it was really nice. Ben only wants him to wear it on special occasions. *sigh* I think we have come to a truce. *big sigh* Sam is truly so thrilled about it and I don't want to kill that.

My parents also had a gift for David. He got a new little bracelet that he thinks is so cool. He can look at it and play with it. :-) I'm sure part of the motivation is trying to chew on it too. LOL We have started him on foods. I might have mentioned that before, I don't know. We tried him on the baby rice cereal and he had a horrible allergic reaction to it. We laid off foods for a couple of weeks after that and have been able to determine that he IS allergic to rice. Go figure. Hubby allergic to wheat and corn; Sam is allergic to wheat and oranges; David is allergic to rice. Great. I know there are lots of grains to choose from, but the most common ones are getting nixed pretty fast. Anyway, he loves oatmeal, peas, and bananas. That's all we have tried him on so far. Sam was nursed exclusively for 10 months that I feel rather guilty for starting David on foods so early. I consulted my midwives and they said if he has teeth (6 of them) it was kinda time to slowly start him on it. He LOVES to eat. Especially when it's a mealtime and he gets to join everybody else. He is so funny. Speaking of eating and meals, it has been so quiet at dinnertime without Sam and his chatter.

I love my boys. I truly enjoy them and love being with them. I am off to enjoy the one in my possession right now. Happy New Year!