Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!

We start another year. We spent last night at my parents' place to celebrate the beginning of this year. We all managed to stay up except for Ben. (Even the baby made it! :-) ) I spent today calling our family to invite them to Sam's birth next weekend. We weren't sure what we wanted to do, but have finally decided on having a get-together at my mom's. Should be fun.

Sam decided to stay another day with my folks, so we won't be seeing him until tomorrow. He was ever so excited because he got a ring from my parents. Ben grew up not wearing jewelry, so it bothers him. I grew up seeing my dad and uncles all wearing jewelry, so it doesn't faze me. (I am not talking about earrings or piercings, which I am NOT okay with and none of them did until the new generation of cousins. Yuk.) Sam has a necklace that is always tucked into his shirt and a bracelet that my mom had made for him on his first birthday. Sam has been wanting a ring for the longest time. I don't know why, but he just did. Well, these past days that he was with the gp's he got one. I thought it was really nice. Ben only wants him to wear it on special occasions. *sigh* I think we have come to a truce. *big sigh* Sam is truly so thrilled about it and I don't want to kill that.

My parents also had a gift for David. He got a new little bracelet that he thinks is so cool. He can look at it and play with it. :-) I'm sure part of the motivation is trying to chew on it too. LOL We have started him on foods. I might have mentioned that before, I don't know. We tried him on the baby rice cereal and he had a horrible allergic reaction to it. We laid off foods for a couple of weeks after that and have been able to determine that he IS allergic to rice. Go figure. Hubby allergic to wheat and corn; Sam is allergic to wheat and oranges; David is allergic to rice. Great. I know there are lots of grains to choose from, but the most common ones are getting nixed pretty fast. Anyway, he loves oatmeal, peas, and bananas. That's all we have tried him on so far. Sam was nursed exclusively for 10 months that I feel rather guilty for starting David on foods so early. I consulted my midwives and they said if he has teeth (6 of them) it was kinda time to slowly start him on it. He LOVES to eat. Especially when it's a mealtime and he gets to join everybody else. He is so funny. Speaking of eating and meals, it has been so quiet at dinnertime without Sam and his chatter.

I love my boys. I truly enjoy them and love being with them. I am off to enjoy the one in my possession right now. Happy New Year!

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