Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're Having a Baby

We had our ultrasound done today! We are expecting another boy at the end of July. Both boys were overjoyed, until Sam realized there was only one baby in there and not twins like he really wanted. Luci just hid her face in Daddy's shoulder as if to deny that this is her reality: a lifetime with three brothers. :-) Baby is completely healthy, which made us really happy. We have picked the name John Wilhelm after Ben's great-grandfather. He was known as Johnny, so that is what we will be calling this baby until or if he decides to change to John. Now just 5 more months until we meet this little guy.

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Gap

Sam has been losing teeth for about a year now. Not at any great pace, but he did start at 5, which I was rather surprised at. His two bottom teeth came in no problem, and the top two are finally starting to come in as well (they came out last Sept. and Oct.) Well, since all these teeth are making an appearance, it was time to lose another one.

He was very insistent last night that I pull it out. Once we did (it was so easy I am glad we did so he didn't swallow it in his sleep.), he demanded I put it safely in a baggy so the tooth fairy could leave him his money. Ben couldn't resist. He had to point out to his son that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. Sam is so patient with his father. "Dad, of course the tooth fairy exists. How else do I get my money every time I loose a tooth?" He can go right on believing for as long as he can. (Since I was asked, santa and the easter bunny are not okay because they go against our religious beliefs.) Oh, and since the tooth fairy was aided and abbetted by my mother with the first tooth, these teeth are danged expensive. Thankfully not as expensive as the first one, but still. I am glad they aren't falling out very often. My sister and I had a laugh over this, since he would probably notice if the tooth fairy suddenly cut her rates. And on other progresses, Luci now very clearly calls Sam by name. Mostly this is to demand his help, but he was rather excited any way.

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

And mommies too, but that's something else altogether. :-) Luci had trouble sleeping the other night. She was restless and couldn't find a comfortable position, no matter how many times she turned or elbowed me in the side and head. Apparantly, this condition extended to David, who showed up in my room sleepwalking. Well, I can't sleep with all of us in my bed. (Believe me, I have woken up with all three kids surrounding me with my back screaming at me from the weird angle they have twisted me in. On the other side is the unyielding form of my husband. Not comfortable sleeping for me.) So I went ahead and put Dave in Luci's crib for the night. Luci thought that was a fabulous idea and wanted to join her brother. Of course, right as I was drifting off into peaceful slumber, finally, Luci started fussing to get back out of the crib. She then chose to lie on the floor between the crib and my bed. I couldn't believe this would really be her choice so I tried to coax her back into bed with me. When that didn't work, I went ahead and folded my quilt for her size and put it down for her. She lied down and went to sleep for the rest of the night and was happy as a clam the following morning. Weird kid. :-)