Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're Having a Baby

We had our ultrasound done today! We are expecting another boy at the end of July. Both boys were overjoyed, until Sam realized there was only one baby in there and not twins like he really wanted. Luci just hid her face in Daddy's shoulder as if to deny that this is her reality: a lifetime with three brothers. :-) Baby is completely healthy, which made us really happy. We have picked the name John Wilhelm after Ben's great-grandfather. He was known as Johnny, so that is what we will be calling this baby until or if he decides to change to John. Now just 5 more months until we meet this little guy.

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Jon, Erin, and Talia said...

Congratulations on little Johnny. Any variation of John/Jon/Johnny/Jonathan/JonJon are greatly approved of in this family. It's nice that they let the whole family in for the ultrasound. I guess you can get one of those bumper stickers boys:3 girls:1 :).