Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long TIme No See

What a crazy, busy time this has been. But then again, when is it not, right? We all had a sinus bug right when we got back. We got better. Sam came down with the flu. Luci swallowed two paperclips that she had hooked together, and we spent a perfectly good day in the ER. Sam got better, but not before it seemed as if his insides were going to come inside out. We took Luci in for another set of x-rays only to be told the paperclips had already passed, and somehow I had missed them. David has something wrong with his stomach that doesn't seem like the flu, but it has been wreaking havoc on his little system.

The day we spent in the ER with Luci was the first day of t-ball practice. We, of course, missed it, and the next two practices were canceled due to freezing weather and snow. So, Monday Sam had his first official practice. He was a little overwhelmed at first but seemed to really be enjoying himself before long. His coach is really great. She gave each kid the chance to hit and play a different position each time. I think this will be a much better experience for us than football. Actually, just about anything would be better than football. :-)
Here is Sam making his hit.
Here we see Sam running from first to second.

And here we see what the two littles did for fun while we sat and watched. Is it really bad that I feel like yelling "RUN, Forest, RUN!!" Or that every time a little kid with a too big helmet goes up to bat, I think of Chicken Little? They are really cute, and they seem to be having a good time out there. That is all I ask for.


Jon, Erin, and Talia said...

Life with three active children seems to keep you on your toes. I am glad Luci suffered no damage from the paperclips. Yikes!

Claudia said...

Life is certainly never dull with the three of them! We were also very relieved that Luci was okay after that little incident. You know, the boys never did stuff like this.