Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2009 Catchup

Okay, 2009 is over, and we are settling into the second month of 2010. Where has the time gone? It seems like we are always so crazy busy. Because of Facebook, I was even worse about posting anything to this blog. :-) As a result, I can say that the info on here is years old!
We got to come back to CA December of 2009. The trip went well until we hit Flagstaff, where we ended up driving through horrendous snow. We did make it in time to celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents, and Christmas Day with the in-laws. We are all enjoying being so close to family again.
The kids have all grown so much. I am amazed just looking back at pictures. Sam's reading has taken off, for which I am eternally grateful. David started Kindergarten this past fall and is doing great. Luci wants to join "doing school" with her brothers, so she just started today, and is having fun. She is now 3 and keeping both parents on tiptoes. Peter is ever mischievous and willful. It is hard to not do all the fun things momma keeps trying to stop him from doing! He finally walked at 17months old. (He is 18 months old today.) That caused a little bit of concern, but he has taken off running.
The hardest part of this past year has been the loss of every one of our cats. Reepicheep just never came back one day and has been missing since last February. Yoda was the tragic victim of an auto accident. And Rocco, my very first cat and the one we had had the longest, took off one day in October and never came back either. The two oldest boys got to pick out new kittens at the beginning of fall, and those are the 2 kitties we are left with.
Since life with four little ones does not seem to be slowing down, I will try to balance out time to blog more often. The family I had set this up for is now close by, but I also hope to keep this as a journal for the kids' milestones. At least. :-)