Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three Months Away

I knew I had been gone for a while, just not this long. Three months is a long time for grandparents to go without pictures of their little loves. ;-)
We had the joy of visiting with Ben's parents in April. Unfortunately, this means that we won't see them when the baby is born. Considering the humidity though, I am sure they are relieved. Sam's t-ball season had started so they were able to join us for games, which absolutely thrilled Sam. I turned 26, and both boys were awed that I could be such a BIG number. lol


The grandparents left the second week of May, and we were all really sad to see them go. It was nice to be able to have family around again. Both David and Luci had birthdays in May as well. David turned four and Luci turned two. Both were excited to have their grandparents here as well to join in their celebrations.

I was laid low for three weeks with a nasty kidney infection. Not being able (or more like unwilling) to take anything chemical, I fought it off with herbal remedies and a small lagoon of liquids. Once I managed to kill that off, the kids caught some nasty bug that of course got passed on to me as well. So I was pretty much incapacitated for five weeks. I am glad to say that I am much better, and am now trying to get as much as possible done before our little one comes along next month.

But probably the most exciting part of this month was that Luci left her diaper days behind and is now using the toilet all the time. This will be the first time I have the one fully out of diapers before the next one is born. I am SO very glad. :-)


June has brought on the heat and humidity, which is the real killer. As a result, I tend to stay at home more with the kids and just hibernate until the time when I can go out and breath again. Sam's season ended and we missed the last two games. Not my fault. I didn't know until the DAY of, and we were out running errands. We have been trying to get rid of all unnecessary things, but that is rather difficult to accomplish at times. Things are coming along, and the next big thing should be the arrival of baby.