Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

"Great, now I am one-armed just like Lucky." This is what Sam said today. Lucky is Pappy's dog, and he is missing one leg. Well, Sam, not quite. Sam broke his arm during football practice last night. I explained how his arm will heal, while Lucky will never grow another leg. The ER team last night was great, but they didn't set his arm because they wanted an orthopedic doctor to take a look at it. The orthopedic doctor didn't set his arm today because he thinks it is broken at the elbow. We have to see the pediatric orthopedic specialist tomorrow. He might have to pin the elbow is what I got told today. Great. Just great.

So, we won't be going to football practice anymore. That's kinda out for this season.

Friday, July 27, 2007

David Dreams

David has been having some crazy dreams lately. How do we know? From his crazy conversations the day after. :-) The other day after he woke up he asked his dad where his dog with the laser beam on his nose was. Thinking it was a toy, Ben asked him where he last left it. "No, Daddy, it was walking around with Fiona and Mac, and it has a laser beam for a nose. I want you to kill it because it is mean and scary." oookkayy. I swear, we haven't let the kids watch Austin Powers. But he swears he had a dog with a laser beam nose.

Yesterday, he asked me if he could have some of the apple juice I bought him at MackyDonalds the night before. Now, it has been months since we last had McD's due to all the wheat cross contamination. So, no, we had not bought apple juice at McD's. Poor guy. He was convinced I just didn't want to share. Or maybe it was all a ploy to get apple juice. Or MackyD's. Hmmm. He did get his apple juice, it just wasn't McD's kind.

So, we are thoroughly enjoying hearing his dreams from the night before. They quite entertain us. He is such a funny little guy.

He and Lucy get along famously most of the time. They usually get in trouble together. Does this change as they grow up? Or does it only get worse? I don't know what they were plotting here, but they thought they had a good plan. See the smiles on their faces? Those smiles always tell me to expect trouble.

No. 23

Ok. I have attained insanity. Yeah, I'm sure most of my friends and family thought I was already there ages ago. lol Sam has been signed up for football. We started practice last Thursday. He loved it. Last Friday he went to get fitted with a practice uniform. His coach asked what number he wanted to be. After careful consideration he replied, "I want to be number 23." I asked why 23, and he said "I think it is such an awesome number." Ok. Number 23 it is.

So, if I can get into the habit of this whole scheduling, we are doing football through October. David says he wants to play baseball next spring. Sam says he wants to play basketball, baseball, and football. This would pretty much keep us in sports year round. Sheeyah. We'll just see if I can make it through football first.

Ok, Grammy M. Here are the pics I promised you a while ago. ENJOY!!

Isn't he just precious? He had just finished practice and so was rather sweaty. He thought it would be great to share these with you, so there was no resistance to having his picture taken.

If I ever feel rested enough, I will update on games and such and keep you filled in on how it is all going. I've been told it gets better eventually. Right? That should be true right? One upside: Sam sleeps in so much later now. hehe He also is taking naps in the middle of the day. hehehe

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bill, Mr. Bubbles, and Melvin

Ever since we moved back here, Sam has been wanting fish. I kept promising that as soon as we could get the aquarium set up we would get some. Well, with my sister's visit, that has happened rather sooner than later. The boys got to pick out their very own fish and were ever so happy for the experience. Sam picked out a tiger barb that decided to try to eat the other two fish in the tank. He is now living the sad life of solitary confinement. Everybody else is doing really well without him now. Sam named his fish Melvin. When I wondered as to why he would choose that name, Ben told me Sam had asked a guy's name at work. Ben told him the guy's name was Melvin. He was struck by that name. He thought that was really a very neat name. SO he came home and informed us that his fish's name was Melvin.

David picked out a dwarf gourami. This is the fish that was mostly getting eaten by Sam's. He has very beautiful, vivid orange and blue stripes. He has just flourished after the removal of Melvin. I believe Dave chose the name Mr. Bubbles because of a Nemo character. They haven't seen it in a while so I am not completely sure.

I got to pick out Lucy's fish, and I chose an algea eater. Sam got to pick out the name for him and named him Bill. lol This fish is much smaller than a plecostomus, as it will only grow to be about 1.5" long.

The boys have now decided that they would like to add a shark and a catfish to the tank. Donna has been mentioning these lovely "tatooed" fish she saw. Needless to say, I have been keeping them all away from the fish department. lol

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Lucy has officially taken her first steps!!! Friday we went with Donna to check out UAH. Coming back from the admin office, Lucy was just too heavy to carry, so I set her down and held her hands and walked her back to the car. There was such absolute joy and pride on her face when we got back to the car. She finally figured out how it was that her brothers were mobile! Daddy was in the car proudly watching his baby make her way to him, and she beamed from ear to ear at him. Yesterday, she tried to take a couple of steps on her own but kept falling down. TODAY, she has managed to take steps without tumbling. You should see how proud of herself she is. She knows she is doing well. And she is managing to do this through the boys' cries of "MOM, MOM, Lucy is DOING IT AGAIN!!" and me standing a few feet away from her bouncing up and down telling her how great she is doing. lol It doesn't matter that she is the third and I've been through this with the boys. It is still so thrilling watching this baby get the hang of it. Aye. I guess this means another one to chase. :-)