Sunday, July 01, 2007


Lucy has officially taken her first steps!!! Friday we went with Donna to check out UAH. Coming back from the admin office, Lucy was just too heavy to carry, so I set her down and held her hands and walked her back to the car. There was such absolute joy and pride on her face when we got back to the car. She finally figured out how it was that her brothers were mobile! Daddy was in the car proudly watching his baby make her way to him, and she beamed from ear to ear at him. Yesterday, she tried to take a couple of steps on her own but kept falling down. TODAY, she has managed to take steps without tumbling. You should see how proud of herself she is. She knows she is doing well. And she is managing to do this through the boys' cries of "MOM, MOM, Lucy is DOING IT AGAIN!!" and me standing a few feet away from her bouncing up and down telling her how great she is doing. lol It doesn't matter that she is the third and I've been through this with the boys. It is still so thrilling watching this baby get the hang of it. Aye. I guess this means another one to chase. :-)

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