Friday, July 27, 2007

No. 23

Ok. I have attained insanity. Yeah, I'm sure most of my friends and family thought I was already there ages ago. lol Sam has been signed up for football. We started practice last Thursday. He loved it. Last Friday he went to get fitted with a practice uniform. His coach asked what number he wanted to be. After careful consideration he replied, "I want to be number 23." I asked why 23, and he said "I think it is such an awesome number." Ok. Number 23 it is.

So, if I can get into the habit of this whole scheduling, we are doing football through October. David says he wants to play baseball next spring. Sam says he wants to play basketball, baseball, and football. This would pretty much keep us in sports year round. Sheeyah. We'll just see if I can make it through football first.

Ok, Grammy M. Here are the pics I promised you a while ago. ENJOY!!

Isn't he just precious? He had just finished practice and so was rather sweaty. He thought it would be great to share these with you, so there was no resistance to having his picture taken.

If I ever feel rested enough, I will update on games and such and keep you filled in on how it is all going. I've been told it gets better eventually. Right? That should be true right? One upside: Sam sleeps in so much later now. hehe He also is taking naps in the middle of the day. hehehe

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