Friday, July 27, 2007

David Dreams

David has been having some crazy dreams lately. How do we know? From his crazy conversations the day after. :-) The other day after he woke up he asked his dad where his dog with the laser beam on his nose was. Thinking it was a toy, Ben asked him where he last left it. "No, Daddy, it was walking around with Fiona and Mac, and it has a laser beam for a nose. I want you to kill it because it is mean and scary." oookkayy. I swear, we haven't let the kids watch Austin Powers. But he swears he had a dog with a laser beam nose.

Yesterday, he asked me if he could have some of the apple juice I bought him at MackyDonalds the night before. Now, it has been months since we last had McD's due to all the wheat cross contamination. So, no, we had not bought apple juice at McD's. Poor guy. He was convinced I just didn't want to share. Or maybe it was all a ploy to get apple juice. Or MackyD's. Hmmm. He did get his apple juice, it just wasn't McD's kind.

So, we are thoroughly enjoying hearing his dreams from the night before. They quite entertain us. He is such a funny little guy.

He and Lucy get along famously most of the time. They usually get in trouble together. Does this change as they grow up? Or does it only get worse? I don't know what they were plotting here, but they thought they had a good plan. See the smiles on their faces? Those smiles always tell me to expect trouble.

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