Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mama or mmmm?

We have just got back from a nice extended stay at my parents. I think Sam gained a few pounds, and I somehow lost a few. Don' t know how this happened as I thoroughly enjoyed my mom's cooking. Oh, well. Won't complain.

Sam had so much fun. I love visiting with my family. The boys get a lot of attention and are so happy. They are allowed to be little boys and explore and have fun. My cousins come around and love on the boys which they just love (both the cousins and the boys). Sam follows poor Donna (my sister and his godmother) around all the time and demands her attention. It surprises people how good Donna is with the boys, but she just loves them to pieces.

David is a little flirt! He just basks in all the attention and plays it up for all the ladies. He has a new tooth that is broken through, and my poor little guy is just suffering. Now, I knew all children are different, but it still amazes me. I know we were extremely blessed with our first baby because we never went through all the normal complaints like spitting up, painful teething, and everything else. Poor David is constantly spitting up and keeps me up most nights now that those teeth are trying to come through. Despite all this, I know we still have a very good baby. I am glad that I nurse (despite David trying to convince me otherwise with that new tooth this past week) because I shudder to think what he would be like if he were on formula. I believe David has started saying "mama" but everyone else insists it's "mmmmm." Hmm. I think he's calling me.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this week. Had it been anywhere else, Sam's behavior would have been embarrassing. Of course, anywhere else he's not allowed to behave that way. He helped Papa (which is what he calls my dad) blow out the candle (we teased my Dad that we couldn't put that many number of candles on his cake) and cut the cake. However, he got a little impatient for his slice, so he just took a bite out one of the pieces. Like I said, we were able to laugh at it. He is NOT allowed to behave like this at parties we attend.

We had a fun time. I have some wonderful pictures to share as soon as I can.

Monday, October 18, 2004


It's fall and that means winter is coming! The temperature has dropped and there are wonderful smells in the air. Someone even had their fireplace going yesterday. I love to see the change in seasons.

We got back early from our trip and so were able to enjoy a couple of free days with Daddy. Sam did well despite the lack of sleep, but David is a bad traveler. We had to stop frequently for him.

David and I have had some issues with his new tooth. He keeps trying to use it while he's nursing. hmmm Despite some lengthy discussions, I just can't fully convince him that this is neither the time nor the place to use it. :-) After I woke up screaming a couple of nights ago, my husband says "Aren't you glad he doesn't have the corresponding top tooth." Thanks. So, I now check his gums every night before going to sleep so that I don't wake up to any surprises. LOL David is at such a pleasing size. He just has the perfect feel in my arms right now, and it's just great when he falls asleep and cuddles in.

Sam is growing and getting bigger by the second it seems. He is so precious. We got him an Apu stuffed animal, and it goes with him everywhere. He had a hat with him last night as I was putting him to sleep. I took the hat to get it out of the way, when I realized there was something in it. It was Apu! This hat has like an extra flap(?) that goes around to protect (partially)the neck and ears. Well, he laid the monkey in it and used the flaps like a blanket. I thought that was just so cute! David has been coveting this monkey which just sends Sam into a panic. He's constantly finding another stuffed animal to distract David with. LOL However, David is very tenacious. :-)

Well, Nezzer is done and lunch is gone so I need to put Sam down for a nap. Hopefully, David will remain asleep for a while so that I can get stuff accomplished. Wishful thinking, I know. :-)

Monday, October 11, 2004

Terrible Two's (?)

What a day today! Sam was just nutso. Despite having had a nap today(or maybe because of it), he was just wild. They don't call them the terrible two's for nothing I guess. He is a good kid and pretty well-behaved most of the time, and I keep that it mind (or certainly try). Still, days like today just wear me out.

David is teething like crazy. That tooth is definitely out. I have felt it a lot during nursing! The one next to it is coming through as well. This is just so weird. The kid is not even five months old yet. Sam didn't get his first tooth until he was seven months old. David is definitely trying to crawl! He pushes up on his arms and tippy-toes. Then he lunges forward and manages to scoot a little ways. He looks like an adorable little baby seal. :-) I got up to use the bathroom early this morning while Ben was getting ready for work, and he somehow managed to roll off the bed. I didn't hear him since Ben had the shower running, but Grandma got him and consoled him.

Well, we are off to see Ben's brother in AZ tomorrow. I made the mistake of telling Sam of our plans, so all we have been hearing all day is that he wants to go see Uncle Josh NOW! We are looking forward to meeting his future wife (Josh's not Sam's) this week. Hope the boys can stay pretty well-behaved for this. If she survives them she's a keeper, right? ;-) I hope to maybe hit the Phoenix zoo on the days when Josh has to work. Funny, we never made it when we were living in AZ. Funny odd, not funny hah-hah. We'll see what the week brings.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

No Title

I am glad to be able to raise the boys the way we want. We homebirth, nurse, and eventually will homeschool(although I believe that every day is or can be and educational one with a curious two year old). When David cries or is upset, Sam instantly pipes up with, "Nurse David, Mama. He is crying." I love that he associates his brother's comfort with my nursing him. I wouldn't trade my boys for anything.

Friday, October 08, 2004


At dinnertime, I was holding David and I noticed that one of the bottom teeth is almost all the way through! It is really red, and you can see the little white ridges of the tooth. *sigh* He is also trying to crawl. He pushes up on his arms and legs and holds his little body up like that for a while. He is growing up so fast! He is also going around in circles while he lies on his tummy. I feel so bad for the poor little guy. He's been so quiet and subdued today.

Sam on the other hand has been climbing the walls. This afternoon his cousin Jessie came over and they have been playing outside. Hopefully he burned off enough energy to go to bed peacefully. I need to drink a couple of cups of tension tamer tonight. :-) I love my boys, but boy can they have their days!

The boys were enjoying watching Sumo of the Opera together. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004

My Favorite Picture

Sam finally got to hold David a few hours after the birth. He was a great help to our midwives and was so excited to see his baby brother born! Some of our family was a little concerned that it would be bad to have Sam attend the birth, but I think it was the best for all of us. He just couldn't believe it was a baby that had popped into the water! His expression was priceless. I think he still believes to this day that babies come from inflatable pools. LOL Posted by Hello

Here's Sam with his two favorite things. Posted by Hello

Good Times

We were able to enjoy two wonderful days with Daddy. It has been a while since both of his days off have been completely available. The boys have just been ecstatic. David does that whole body tense and quivering with excitement every time he sees him, and Sam has been tackling and attacking his Daddy at every available opportunity. :-) All in all, a very good time.

A couple of nights ago, Sam and I were able to eat dinner just by ourselves. It was so much fun! We talked and we laughed. At one point, he gets really still and whispers to me, "Can you hear that?" Well, no I couldn't since my head was so congested, but it was so cute to have him say that.

I gave the boys a bath together last night. I have done this a couple of times before, and they just love it. Sam will pour water on David, and David thinks this is just hilarious. We let David float on his back for a while (with me holding him under his arms, of course) and play with Sam. It warms my heart to see them having so much fun together.

David is so much more mobile now. He tries to scootch to get things, but he only manages to go backwards right now. He is rolling around a lot, to the point that he rolled off the bed yesterday. Well, he's fallen off before, only every other time has been onto Sam's bed. Yesterday it was onto the floor. He was not very happy about that.

We have a day of just being lazy ahead of us. I'm gonna go enjoy it. ;-)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We're Back...Again

My computer is up and running, and I am just so very excited! It has been such a crazy couple of weeks. The boys and I have been sick as a dog (dogs?) since last week. I tried to convince myself on the first day that it was only an allergy. haha Anyway, David didn't get it as bad and is doing much better. Sam is still fighting it though.

Last week Ben and I dragged everything out of the shed and sorted through for things we wanted/needed. We finally have the baby swing in, and David LOVES it! I was a little hesitant to put it to use again since Sam hadn't liked it so much, but both boys are having a blast with it now. :-) It feels so very good to be able to have some our things back.

Sam needs a Scooby-dooby bubble bath, but we will be back. Goodnight!