Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mama or mmmm?

We have just got back from a nice extended stay at my parents. I think Sam gained a few pounds, and I somehow lost a few. Don' t know how this happened as I thoroughly enjoyed my mom's cooking. Oh, well. Won't complain.

Sam had so much fun. I love visiting with my family. The boys get a lot of attention and are so happy. They are allowed to be little boys and explore and have fun. My cousins come around and love on the boys which they just love (both the cousins and the boys). Sam follows poor Donna (my sister and his godmother) around all the time and demands her attention. It surprises people how good Donna is with the boys, but she just loves them to pieces.

David is a little flirt! He just basks in all the attention and plays it up for all the ladies. He has a new tooth that is broken through, and my poor little guy is just suffering. Now, I knew all children are different, but it still amazes me. I know we were extremely blessed with our first baby because we never went through all the normal complaints like spitting up, painful teething, and everything else. Poor David is constantly spitting up and keeps me up most nights now that those teeth are trying to come through. Despite all this, I know we still have a very good baby. I am glad that I nurse (despite David trying to convince me otherwise with that new tooth this past week) because I shudder to think what he would be like if he were on formula. I believe David has started saying "mama" but everyone else insists it's "mmmmm." Hmm. I think he's calling me.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this week. Had it been anywhere else, Sam's behavior would have been embarrassing. Of course, anywhere else he's not allowed to behave that way. He helped Papa (which is what he calls my dad) blow out the candle (we teased my Dad that we couldn't put that many number of candles on his cake) and cut the cake. However, he got a little impatient for his slice, so he just took a bite out one of the pieces. Like I said, we were able to laugh at it. He is NOT allowed to behave like this at parties we attend.

We had a fun time. I have some wonderful pictures to share as soon as I can.

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