Monday, October 18, 2004


It's fall and that means winter is coming! The temperature has dropped and there are wonderful smells in the air. Someone even had their fireplace going yesterday. I love to see the change in seasons.

We got back early from our trip and so were able to enjoy a couple of free days with Daddy. Sam did well despite the lack of sleep, but David is a bad traveler. We had to stop frequently for him.

David and I have had some issues with his new tooth. He keeps trying to use it while he's nursing. hmmm Despite some lengthy discussions, I just can't fully convince him that this is neither the time nor the place to use it. :-) After I woke up screaming a couple of nights ago, my husband says "Aren't you glad he doesn't have the corresponding top tooth." Thanks. So, I now check his gums every night before going to sleep so that I don't wake up to any surprises. LOL David is at such a pleasing size. He just has the perfect feel in my arms right now, and it's just great when he falls asleep and cuddles in.

Sam is growing and getting bigger by the second it seems. He is so precious. We got him an Apu stuffed animal, and it goes with him everywhere. He had a hat with him last night as I was putting him to sleep. I took the hat to get it out of the way, when I realized there was something in it. It was Apu! This hat has like an extra flap(?) that goes around to protect (partially)the neck and ears. Well, he laid the monkey in it and used the flaps like a blanket. I thought that was just so cute! David has been coveting this monkey which just sends Sam into a panic. He's constantly finding another stuffed animal to distract David with. LOL However, David is very tenacious. :-)

Well, Nezzer is done and lunch is gone so I need to put Sam down for a nap. Hopefully, David will remain asleep for a while so that I can get stuff accomplished. Wishful thinking, I know. :-)

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