Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bill, Mr. Bubbles, and Melvin

Ever since we moved back here, Sam has been wanting fish. I kept promising that as soon as we could get the aquarium set up we would get some. Well, with my sister's visit, that has happened rather sooner than later. The boys got to pick out their very own fish and were ever so happy for the experience. Sam picked out a tiger barb that decided to try to eat the other two fish in the tank. He is now living the sad life of solitary confinement. Everybody else is doing really well without him now. Sam named his fish Melvin. When I wondered as to why he would choose that name, Ben told me Sam had asked a guy's name at work. Ben told him the guy's name was Melvin. He was struck by that name. He thought that was really a very neat name. SO he came home and informed us that his fish's name was Melvin.

David picked out a dwarf gourami. This is the fish that was mostly getting eaten by Sam's. He has very beautiful, vivid orange and blue stripes. He has just flourished after the removal of Melvin. I believe Dave chose the name Mr. Bubbles because of a Nemo character. They haven't seen it in a while so I am not completely sure.

I got to pick out Lucy's fish, and I chose an algea eater. Sam got to pick out the name for him and named him Bill. lol This fish is much smaller than a plecostomus, as it will only grow to be about 1.5" long.

The boys have now decided that they would like to add a shark and a catfish to the tank. Donna has been mentioning these lovely "tatooed" fish she saw. Needless to say, I have been keeping them all away from the fish department. lol

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