Friday, January 28, 2005


This past week has been so incredibly busy! Ben's last set of days off we did replace the two wheels I managed to kill on our car. Today, we took it in to the dealership (since we bought an extended warranty on it) because there has been a "clunk" by the front right tire since we bought it. We had taken it twice to the dealership where we bought it, but they "never" found anything. Finally, we took it to the one nearest to home. Ta-da! Somebody looked, paid attention to what I was saying, and then FIXED it!

We actually made it to storytime last week. Both boys were very well behaved the entire time. Sam actually decided to participate for one of the stories! He was the horse! We checked out some books, which Sam has absolutely loved. On Friday, I ended up with a nut so fun case of mastitis. With GSE, garlic, and zinc, it was under control in a couple of days. Not fun. Anyway, this week we missed storytime because even though Ben woke me up, I was not woken up to take him in. However, I got amazing news today. Ben's boss is letting him use one of the trucks as his commuter vehicle! Hurrah! That means the boys and I have a car and can get out and do stuff.

A few days ago, I woke up to the most precious moment ever. Sam woke up and smiled and gave me his "Good morning, Momma." I had already felt David stirring at my back and knew that he was awake. As soon as he heard Sam speak, he squealed and popped his head over my shoulder to smile and jabber at his brother. Those moments reinforce my decision to stay at home to raise our children.

Well, if the boys and I are going to get out to do something tomorrow, off to bed I go.

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