Wednesday, January 19, 2005

On Birthday Parties, Crawling, Etc.

I have wanted to bloc about Sam's birthday party ever since it was over. I have not had the chance this past week and a half to do so thanks to my two little ones. David does not want to be held, touched, or looked at by anyone other than me. This poses a problem when Sam decides that David's idea is good and follows suit. *sigh* It seems to be passing, which is a good thing since not much has been accomplished during this time.

Sam's birthday party was a blast! We got a cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine that were a big hit. Sam had so much fun running around with all the cousins and having his fair share of all the sweets. For the first time, it was raining here in southern CA for his birthday. Usually the weather is pretty mild and the days are sunny. This time it poured buckets! This is also the first year that we weren't rushing to and from AZ to celebrate with our families. Even the year he was born, we only made it back to AZ ten hours before his birth! I thank the good Lord we made it home in time. lol

David turned 8 months last week. The day after that he got up on his knees and started crawling like mad. No more little soldier crawl. He is also pulling himself up on things and standing up! He is getting more mobile quickly! He has about 6 teeth that I can count trying to come through. Which explains why he has been so incredibly miserable. I will give many thanks once all his teeth are through. He is now clapping when we say "yeah" to him. He is also giving kisses whenever he gets scolded for something. *groan* He also talks back, and it is a good thing it's unintelligible or I'm sure it would be unprintable! LOL He has recognized his name for a while now. I get so excited to see all these different developments and growths in my children. I remember when Sam started recognizing his name I was so excited I rather drove my friends nuts gushing about it. Our neighbors had 2 kids, so I am sure they understood my excitement (especially since they had seen Sam growing since birth and we were lucky to have them share those moments with us!), and the other friend is soon to be married and will have his own children someday! David has also gotten his very first haircut! When we can get a comb near his head, it looks really nice and grown up.

Fiona is growing and integrating herself into the family. She and Sam are such buds. I am glad we made the decision to get this dog. We still have to go through all the puppy stuff, but once that is over she will be a great dog! She now has a new turquoise rhinestone collar. Very girly!

My three men are asleep. I had better get to bed soon if I plan on sleeping any before they wake up. Good night to all.

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