Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Going Home

Ever since Sunday Sam has been adamant that he wants to go home. I asked what home and he said "Mommy's home." *sigh* What I wouldn't give to be able to "go home." It is coming up on nine months (eight months and eight days, but who's counting?) since we moved in with Grandma & Grandpa M. We appreciate all they have done for us, but I believe it has been hard ALL around. So now everytime we have gone out, Sam wants to know if we are going to look for a new house. Soon, baby, soon.

It always amazes me how quickly kids develop. Sam's vocabulary has expanded so much! He is talking so very much. There are some things that leave us rather puzzles sometimes though. The funniest was when he wanted to wear his "Stupidman" pajamas. Your what? Finally, it got through he meant his Spiderman pj's. ROFL When he was born, I couldn't imagine loving this child any more than I did at that moment. Boy, was I wrong.

David is just as hilarious as his brother minus the speaking. He makes the funniest expressions, especially at feeding time. He will scrunch up his little nose and start breathing fast when I am not shoveling fast enough. It is too cute. He has started pulling himself up to stand now. Aaackk! Before I know it, he will be walking and running!! He is looking forward to this, as he would like to be chasing his brother.

Well, I have somehow managed to get both boys down and out before midnight. LOL (David is the problem. Sam goes out easy for me.) I will take advantage and go to bed "early" myself. 'Night.

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