Friday, February 11, 2005

Busy, Busy

The past few days have been so busy!! My MIL and I put together her older son's wedding favors. I don't ever want to smell Hershey Kisses again or hear any bells! LOL They are done, and this was even accomplished the night before they have to leave! LOL

There has been so much going on with the boys and us lately. We are, like I said, keeping busy. This past weekend the boys and I made it down to my parent's. I was able to finally catch up on my laundry. YEAH!! We went to my see my cousin's new house, and as a result were there for the blessing. The house is so beautiful! I am so very happy for them.

Sam and I have been working on the alphabet. We are now working on the letter E. He is doing so well with them! He strives to learn them even more with the lure of a pez (his treat for getting them right). LOL He is doing great with his numbers as well. It's his colors we are having trouble with at the moment. All of them look green to him. Hmm. He has another cold. This is just driving me nuts. My rant: his cousin gave it to him. When I asked my SIL if her daughter was sick, she said "yeah, but since your kids have gotten my kid sick so many times, I figured I could return the favor." Okay. Talk about getting my blood boiling. I know my memory is not completely gone, and if it serves me correctly, every last time they have come over and her child has an "allergy" my boys end up with the exact same "allergy." Funny. I didn't think allergies were contagious. I know kids get sick. But I don't expect sick people to intentionally come over to get mine sick!

We took both boys to see the Incredibles yesterday. Both boys behaved so well!! Ben and I were impressed and grateful. Now this makes it sound like we can't peep out the door without the boys being monsters, but that is not the case. They are usually pretty well behaved; but yesterday, they were extraordinarily well-behaved. Today we took them to a feline rescue and breeding place that's a little ways from here. Both boys enjoyed it, but Sam wanted to see more of the tiger. It always creeps me out how these big cats focus on the little ones. Makes me very grateful for the cage between them and us. LOL We were able to get out and do this stuff with the boys because Ben had an extra day off this week. That was a bonus; but like the saying goes, everything comes with a price. He is going to have to work his next set of days off. :-( It will be another couple of weeks before we see him. *sigh*

David is dancing! Well, after tonight he might not be any more. He apparently has his mother's rhythm. He stood up on his little musical toy we got him for Christmas and started grooving. He misstepped and over he went! LOL He was not a happy little man. I know it's mean of me to laugh. ;-) The kid just loves his veggies! Thus far we have been lucky with the feedings. We have stayed away from the rice, and he is doing much better. I was afraid he would want to quit nursing if we started him on foods, but he is still very happy coming to momma for his nursings. :-) It all ends too soon.

The boys are still getting up at an (to me anyway) ungodly hour. Hopefully, tomorrow we are off to storytime at the library closest to us. Good night to all and a have a blessed weekend.

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