Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello, again!

The in-laws are in AZ for a week. This is great because it means alone time for our family. We are looking forward to spending this time alone with each other and our sons. Since we put the boys down, Ben and I have started a deep clean on the house. We are enjoying it! David and I have been attending a little church near home. It is a small, family-oriented church. The pastor's sermons thus far have been great. There is so much going on right now, but it seems that every time that I sit down to the computer I forget what I was going to put down.

Sam is doing very well. We went down to visit my parents this weekend and he got to spend an extra couple of days with them. He really enjoys his time down there with him, but I do miss him like crazy.

David is exploring and testing his navigational abilities. He is everywhere! He and Sam play so well together! Well most of the time. As long as David doesn't take a particular toy that Sam is playing with at the moment. Other than that, they get along great.

I owe many thanks to my sister. I ditched the boys with my folks last weekend and stole her. She helped my pick up and organize my room! We did a great job.

As soon as I can remember my thoughts (basically after I log off) I will come back to post them.

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