Thursday, February 03, 2005


I gave myself a manicure last night! Woohoo! I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, and finally accomplished it last night. I believe the last time I did my nails was last July. Sad. But anyway, my nails are a nice hot pink with a light glitter over it. The first time I wore this color, I was told to grow up by my MIL. I will probably be the only granny on the playground with hot pink nails. LOL

We made it to story time, but I rather wish we had skipped it today. The librarian was not suited to be reading to a group of children. When we are going to something like this, it takes Sam a while to warm up to the group. So he didn't want to sit with the other children when we first got there. She was on her second book by the time he decided he was ready to join them. I was sitting at the end of the row, and he quietly went around to sit on the mat. She immediately stopped reading and declared "I don't have a cohesive group here, so I need you all to pay attention to me! All eyes on me now!" I should have probably left at that point but I didn't. She skipped over Sam every time for the children's participation and that just broke his heart. We went and got some books for the week and left. What a disaster!

I had Jessica (my SIl's daughter) with us, so I experienced having three children. Granted, as she is nine, that was cheating a bit. LOL Sam had fun being out with Jessie, so that made up for the psycho at the library.

Now it's off to preparing dinner and visiting some more with our family.

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