Friday, February 25, 2005

Baby Bugs

Ever since Sam was born, he was either my baby bug or my Sam-bug. That has stuck, so I now have a Sam-bug and a Dayed-bug. Both bugs woke up in such a good mood today. They were giggling and playful, and we read some books we checked out yesterday. They are now bathed and fed and the little one is down for a nap.

We made it to storytime yesterday, but Sam had a complete meltdown afterwards when I wouldn't let him play in the library. A lot of the other mothers allow their children to run wild. I am trying to impress upon the boys that the library is a quiet place were we go to read books. It is NOT a jungle gym. We went to see Daddy, and he gave Sam a bag of Skittles before we left. We then discovered that David loves Skittles. How did we discover this? Sam kept throwing them into David's seat. Why was he throwing them? Because he couldn't reach David's outstretched hand, so the logical solution is to throw them. LOL It was rather cute once I stopped freaking out. Sam helped clean up the monsters yesterday. He would take one of those Swiffer handles and slide it across the floor and inform me that the monsters were gone. LOL He is ever so excited about learning his letters and numbers. He is doing very well with that. We are currently turtlesitting for his cousin. He let me know the other day that he thought we should get a turtle of our own. Hmm. Not quite yet. We can start our zoo when we are living in our own place. :-p He is quite a help with our fish. He is feeding them (under our supervision, of course), and making sure they are all there (one of our crabs made an escape attempt that ended fatally for him).

David is getting quicker about throwing things away from him when he sees one of us coming to investigate the object going into his mouth. Yes, usually it is things we would rather didn't go into his mouth. He then tries to crawl quickly to said object to do it again! LOL He is such a funny guy. He is chasing all over the house after his brother. He helps me cook by making sure that I am putting in everything correctly (he insists on being held when I am the only parent in the house).

Over all, we are having a great time with the boys. They are such a joy. There is always something new and definitely interesting every day! I am off to see what new things they will teach me today.

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