Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Today's Report...

I could say things have been rather crazy around here, but with two children in the house that's a given. ;-) We have gotten new pets and lost some of those new pets. :-( We added a cichlid to our tank who is an absolute killer. He has not allowed any other fish in the tank with him. We added another cichlid in there with him, but he is still being just as mean. We (or I should say my mother) promised Sam a turtle. I finally managed to find a baby turtle (an ordeal I would rather never have to repeat) only to have it die 36 hours after we got it. So, I took Bob back (Sam decided since Jessie had Larry turtle we would have a Bob turtle) and got my money back. Well, we now have not 1 but 2 baby Red-eared sliders named Boris and Natasha. I didn't even have to go to the back to ask for Juan or Miguel this time!! LOL

It is our belief Sam will be a musician. He LOVES music and he loves to sing! Maybe he will be the yodeling veterinarian since he also really likes animals. LOL He is doing so well with his numbers and letters! He is now looking at things and being able to tell me how many are there. This makes some things easier.

David is getting so quick! He is also trying to stand by pulling himself up on what might seem sturdy enough (his choices aren't always the best-LOL). We went to my cousin's birthday last week. I was holding Baby Erik and David at the same time on my lap. David did not think this was okay and started pushing Erik away. This is funny because he will let Sam share my lap or be around us. The jealous bug bit him, I guess.

I am off to explore and experiment with my two guides in life.

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