Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas Aftermath

Wow. Another year gone by. We had a very wonderful Christmas. Since Ben and I have been together, it has been our tradition to do Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas Day with his parents. Since we've had kids, this gets a bit crazy. I was so proud of Sam. He is almost three, and he behaved so well with the gift opening. He wasn't going crazy having to have only gifts for himself. He had so much joy passing gifts out to others and being excited over what they received. When he did happen to get a gift for himself, he was so excited and appreciative for his gifts. I usually don't enjoy Christmas very much because it has become such a materialistic, commercialized holiday. I want my boys to grow up knowing the true meaning about this day and not concerned over what they get or how much. Like I said, Sam was so good it did my heart good. As is typical, David was enthralled with the papers and the bows and the boxes of his new toys. :-) With all the cute new outfits they got, my poor camera is going to be overloaded! Sam's birthday is a week away, and we still have to decide what to do for him. Fun, fun. :-) I look forward to these times, especially since he is so much more aware of what is going on. Well, Sam is down with my parents for a couple of days. Having only one child makes chores a whole lot easier to accomplish. ;-) I am going to go take advantage of that. Have a happy, healthy New Year.

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