Friday, December 10, 2004

Random Thoughts

My Christmas pile has grown bigger. Mostly for Ben and the boys. Like I have said, I very much enjoy buying for them. This is probably why the good Lord has seen fit to keep me on a limited income. ;-)

My poor Samster is sick AGAIN. I have attacked this cold a little more aggressively than I normally do, but he is just so miserable I want it gone. To help him feel better, Grandma M bought him a 3-pack set of find-this-character-in-the-crazy-picture books. He loves them. He is so good at finding the pictures!! Unfortunately, he has become so antisocial! He was never overly friendly with those he didn't know, but it is worse now. He doesn't want people looking at him, much less trying to talk to him. And heaven help those who try talking to his brother!! It really is kinda cute how he tries to protect his brother, but it is embarrassing how rude he can get. I am hoping an end to this. He is so crazy over Fiona. She is very good with him, as they are both crazy little puppies. :-) He was rather funny today. He, Ben and I made a quick trek to Walmart for some medicine. We left David as he had just fallen asleep on Grandpa. About halfway to the store, Sam pipes up with "Hey! Where's David?!" We left him with Grandma and Grandpa. "NO!! GO get David!" That was rather sweet.

David is breaking through yet another tooth! This poor baby has been so miserable. And as the saying goes, "If David isn't happy, aint nobody gonna be happy either." His left front top tooth and the tooth on the right next to were his top canine will be are through. I think tomorrow or the day after the right front top one will be through as well. He has also been rubbing the back of his gums quite a bit lately. Poor little baby. David is not quite sure what to think about Fiona. He's amused by her, but doesn't want to get too close to her.

I can't believe another year has gone by. Two weeks after Christmas and Sam turns THREE!! Where did the time go?

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