Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy Birthday, David!!

David turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. He had so much fun at his party!! He also took his first steps then, but has refused to try again since then. He is also talking so very much. His list of words is: agua, mama, papa, dog, woof-woof, nowww (what a cat says), NO, straw, gramma. There are more that are not coming to mind right now. It is so crazy to remember when I was 25 months pregnant and feeling like he was never going to be born. That little guy is such a joy. He will come up to me and give me a great big hug. He will come over and share whatever he is eating or drinking. He absolutley loves his big brother!!

That same Sunday, we had David baptized. He was so good during the entire process. He checked out our pastor's mike and tried to eat it. He was calm for the pouring of the water over his head, and he was just thrilled beyond belief to be held up for all to see. My baby is growing up!!

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