Friday, October 05, 2007


Oh, my goodness, it feels SO good to be back home. We flew out at the end of August for what was supposed to be a ten day trip to CA. We did not get back until the END of September. I am so very glad to finally be back home and with my hubby. My dog and cat too. :-o We drove out here with my in-laws, which the kids just thought was so great. They were really missing all that grandparent time and attention. We have come to the conclusion that we just need to move closer to home, whether it's in AZ (which I would REALLY, REALLY love) or closer to my SIL in Washington (which I would REALLY, REALLY love). Either way, if the opportunity ever comes up, it will be great to be close to family again.

Once we got back we went back to the final appointment with the specialist's specialist's specialist on Sam's arm. He said it looked great, and Sam can now go back to playing any sport he wants. hahahahahahahahahaha Mommy is not sharing that info with Sam right now. We had Grandpa and Grandma M with us for two weeks, but they decided they must return home so they started their return journey yesterday. It is really quiet without them and their 170 lb. "puppy." There is a lot of home stuff that I need to catch up on, but once again it is so GOOD to be back home. I will post new pics soon.

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