Sunday, February 19, 2006

Conversation at 3a.m.

Night before last we had to take Sam in to the doctor. He had woken up twice writhing in pain and saying the side of his face/ear hurt. The second time he did this we decided to take him in in case it was something serious. Well, by the time we got there (1:30a.m.) he just wanted to go back to sleep. The doctor came in and diagnosed an ear infection. Without. Checking. His. Ear. So, we came back home after losing sleep and money and put our Samster to bed. He slept the rest of the night away.

David (whom we had left with my parents) woke up as I was getting some water to take in to Sam. He was most upset and unhappy that I couldn't take him right away. As he's throwing a fit, his daddy is trying to get his attention. "David, David. Would you like some sado?" David stops mid-mommy and says "What?!" Needless to say, he was distracted with the offer of Daddy sado (what he calls Daddy's favorite brand).

Sam is doing great. We came home and have been doctoring him up with GSE and all other kinds of wonderful voodoo stuff. Looks like this weekend might get "interesting."

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