Saturday, February 04, 2006

Monthly Post

Life has been so incredibly hectic for the last month. We decided and acted upon coming back out to CA in order for Ben to finish the last three classes he needs to fulfill his degree requirements. Not exactly what we wanted to do, but it needs to be done. We met with the midwife that was recommended to us; and when Ben asked how I felt about her, my exact words were, "I wouldn't want to be in her care if I was senile. OMG! That means I don't want her being my midwife." He heaved a big sigh of relief as he had not been at all comfortable with her. SO, we called our darling midwife who delivered both boys to see if she had any recommendations. However, during our conversation, we agreed that we would rather have her catch this next baby as well. Very exciting. Only thing that's a little worrisome is that she is in AZ. About an 8 hour drive away. *sigh* We meet with her in a couple of weeks and will brainstorm the best way to do this.

Meanwhile, we did an ultrasound (with the doctor crazy midwife recommended) and think this new baby is a girl. Sam turns to me and says "See, I told you it was a gril." Yes, he switches letters around so it always comes out grils. He is ever so excited to be having a baby sister. It is really sweet to see. I explained to him that she can hear him, so he has been talking and singing to my belly. He is such a doll. Another one of his funny comments was "I am going to keep eating and eating until my belly grows like Mommy's." LOL Uh, that's not due to an eating problem, Sam.

David is growing and talking and not staying still and driving us all insane. He is so mischievous! No amount of scolding will dampen his spirit. Usually, he comes up to me, says "Ove u, mama!" and go right back to his delight. He enjoys mom's new built in pillow (my tummy) and talks about the baby. In fact, he talks about everything. He is so supremely happy to be around his grandfathers again. Grandmas are nice to, but not quite up to Granpa standards.

I came down with a really nasty cold a couple of days ago. Today, I was thinking how comforting it was for me as a child to snuggle in with my parents when I wasn't feeling well. Tonight, both boys came and snuggled one on either side of me, and it offered such immense comfort to have both those warm little bodies keeping me company. I think it's time for me to go back and join them.

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