Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Big S-I-X

Samuel turned six this past week. He has been anxiously awaiting his birthday, because six is "so big." Time flies way to quickly. In so many ways I cannot believe that he is only six. It feels like he has been with us forever, but at the same time, six years doesn't seem that long ago.

He was so jazzed to find me up before him that day. He had asked for a Superman cake, and he got that. Sort of. He also asked to go out to dinner, which we did, and we surprised him with a trip to Cold Stone's afterwards. Good stuff (the celebration and the ice cream!). Most of his gifts were of a piratey nature (Carribean, not those who don't do anything) with a couple of new video games to torment me, uh, entertain him with.

SO, I really do need to put that wax paper under the cake before icing it. And since 4 out of 5 of us will require a gluten-free cake every year, I really should take a cake decorating course. He was vastly relieved that it was not pink like David's Spiderman head last year. (Please don't ask him. I am sure he has had nightmares about his cake.)

It was after this picture of him with his cake that my camera died on me. I have more pictures of him on my new phone, but don't know how to retrieve them. So maybe as an early (way early) b-day gift for mommy, she will get a new camera. Hint, hint, honey.

Back to Sam. He had a wonderful day all about him. He didn't get Mackydonlald's for his special dinner like he asked for, but he did get it for lunch. We went and took daddy with us too during his lunch break. We are truly blessed with Sam in our lives. He is a big help and source of much laughter to Ben and me. His brother and sister love him and enjoy playing and pestering him. The only thing that could have made his birthday better, in his own words was "to have all the family with us." (As in grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.) We miss you guys.

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