Saturday, September 11, 2004

I Like Him

Sam really made my day today. We had David on his tummy on his playmat looking at a pillow book. Sam looked down at him and informed me "I really like him, Mama." Aaawww. Just made me melt. A little bit later, David decided to roll over onto his back (he's decided he can do this for an audience now). Sam's jaw almost hit the floor, and when he got it back up he said "WOW!!" He was so in awe that his little brother can move on his own now! My boys are just wonderful. Can't imagine my life without them.

We went to Sam's Club with grandma today, and she picked up The Sumo of the Opera for Sam. It is so cute! We watched it before bedtime and had some really good laughs. Never thought the day would come that I would say this, but I really prefer our Sam's Club to Costco.

For tomorrow all we have planned is church. Let see what tomorrow brings.

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Dy said...

Hey- how'd church go? I just blogged about ours. ARGH! What part of "Come get me if he is unhappy in ANY way at all" do people just not understand? Like I need a break from being his mother? ARHG.

Anyway, I hear you on Sam making your day. It just kills me that we live so very far away and don't get to see it. *sniff sniff* He sounds like such a very sweet, wonderful little guy- and a great big brother! Just wait til he gets to see David crawl! :-) Hug those babies for me!

Dy (oh, and that was me that posted the other one, too- I didn't realize I was on "anonymous"- oops.)