Monday, September 06, 2004

Reason to Blog

The main reason for this blog is to journal my boys' lives as they grow. I have not done a good job of writing in their actual journals so far, but I hope to do better at this.

Samuel will be 3 this January. I don't know where the time has gone as it seems just yesterday that he was trying to figure out how to crawl forward. He is a sweet, loving little boy. He is so loving and good with his little brother.

David is a happy, fat 4 month old baby. Most of the time he is very easy-going, but he does have a temper and a will to match his parents'. :-) The first person he ever smiled at was Sam. He gets ever so excited to talk and play with him.

Ok. I will be back later to tell of their latest adventures.

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Dy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! I'm so excited! YIPPEE!
Love you, kiss those boys for me!