Friday, September 24, 2004

I'm Back!

This has been a busy, crazy week. Fortunately, things are calming down a bit.

I am so grateful to be able to watch my boys grow up. Sam is now starting to phrase sentences, and that just thrills me. He has been very congested lately, and I need to start pumping the vitamins again. It is an easy task with him because he likes them! He is a funny little guy. Thanks to Dy for reminding me that he will be eating things I would rather he didn't. :-( The perils of having a curious toddler. Or just any child, I guess.

David has discovered his toes! It is just too cute. He grabs them and has so much fun rolling from side to side that way! He is still trying to talk everyone out of food, and even managed a drink of water today. I was bathing him and using a cup to pour the water over his head when I turned to talk to Grandma M really quick. I turn back around to see him lapping up the water overflowing from the cup. Sneaky!

Tomorrow (today?) we are going to the library. That will please Sam tremendously.

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