Saturday, September 11, 2004


So many things happening lately, that I haven't written down all that I wanted. We went to the fair last week on Thursday and Sunday. We all had so much fun. The first time we went, Sam insisted going on the Ferris wheel and Daddy obliged. I was not allowed on because I had David in our sling. As a matter of fact, I wasn't allowed on any of the rides because of that. Actually, we were allowed on the carousel but only because I had to sit on one of the benches. Ben had fun trying to shoot out the paper star in order to win a bicycle. He missed one teensy, tiny corner of the star. On Sunday, we got to watch the rodeo. That was a lot of fun and Sam was ever so excited to see the horses.

We went to our city library (the county library is much closer, and we have been going to it quite a bit, but it has a very limited selection) for the first time today. It is such a beautiful library with all its wrought iron. Sam was in seventh heaven to be at a new library, but this branch only carries all the adult material. The youth library is a couple of blocks north from it. Going to the library or the happy face store(aka Wal-mart) is equivalent of a theme park to him. Sam is such a riot! He said something rather funny in the car today(can't remember what, just that it was funny to us and not to him) and when his grandmother and I laughed he very seriously said "It is not funny!" Poor Sam, that just made us laugh harder.

David refuses to roll over any more. Oh, well. He'll get there. He is trying to convince anybody he can that mommy is starving him. One look at his thighs and anybody can see it isn't so! Don't know why he's in such a rush to leave the breast for food.

Thank you, Dy, for your link to W Ketchup. I am going to buy a case of it and give it with Christmas gifts this year.

Don't have much planned for this weekend, just hope to relax and enjoy the boys. We'll see how it goes.

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